Let's build the future of commerce!

We at Charles are looking for ambitious people, who want to change the way consumers engage with their favorite brands.

Who we are

humanizing commerce and improving everywear

Charles was founded to shape the future of commerce, by unleashing the full potential of Conversational Commerce. Therefore, we are developing a SaaS solution for consumer companies, which enables their customers to make a purchase on any kind of messenger service (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & more). At Charles, we fundamentally believe that customer relationships will rise to a new level and brand loyalty will increase vy serving consumer along the full customer journey in their preffered day-to-day channel.

In parallel we are the first DTC apparel brand that exclusively sells its pieces via Conversational Commerce. Via WhatsApp, Charles offers a selection of high-quality basics for men and (soon) women. The brand leverages the insights from conversational commerce to produce continuously improving versions of the same apparel pieces.

Charles has a big vision that starts small

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Why should you join us

  • Everything you do goes live within days. Consumers will directly use it and give you feedback.
  • We are first. Conversational Commerce is promised to have a future such as mobile commerce. We will shape it together.
  • We are a unique team. Experienced Founder, technology magicians, top-tier strategy consultant, former editor, high-talented interns, marketing-guru, you.
  • We are based in the pulsating heart of Berlin and a small high-pace team, in which people love to spend time in person together. We make it possible that everyone can balance live and work, we have no policies yet, we make solutions.